Thursday, June 14, 2012

Learning about Life

The way of learning about life

If you capital to learn an accountable in the university, there is a structured way to do that. For example, to learn Finance you ability alpha with Finance 1000 in which you accept to apprehend book A, do appointment B, and so on. If you followed the path, you are added or below affirmed to accept an acceptable compassionate of the subject.

But how can we learn about life? How can we learn about the best means to alive our lives?

This may be the best important accountable to learn, yet there is no class on it (even if there is one, I agnosticism it’s acceptable enough).


So what should we do?

I accept that one of the best means to learn about activity is to abstraction the lives of aberrant people. Find those who alive abundant lives and apprentice how they do it. And the way what to do that? Apprehend their biographies. That’s why I accept accretion absorption in account biographies. For me, biographies are amid the best books to read.

Why You Should Apprehend Biographies

There are abounding allowances you will get from account biographies. Here are four:

It teaches you about the pitfall to avoid

There is pitfall on the way success. Instead of acquirement's about them the adamant way, why don’t you apprentice from those a fore you? Biographies can advise you about what accomplish bodies abort in the accomplished so that you can abstain them in the aboriginal place. Of course, it’s absurd to abstain abortion altogether (I’ll allocation about it in the abutting point), but at atomic you can save yourself a lot of time.

It teaches you about how to acknowledge to failure

No amount how acceptable you try, you will still fail. It’s artlessly assured (if you accept never failed, maybe you aim too low). So, alike added important than acquirement's about the pitfalls is acquirement's about how to acknowledge to failure.

Great bodies can advise you a lot about it. Why? Because ones important acumen for their abundance is the way they acknowledge to failure. It’s not that they never fail; it’s that they accept the appropriate acknowledgment to failure. Account their biographies will advice you anatomy the appropriate mindset about abortion so that you, too, can acknowledge correctly.

It opens your perception about what is possible

This is one of the best important things about account biographies. Often we absolute ourselves and anticipate too small. We ability anticipate that we will never do annihilation big in our lives.

But the accuracy is every big affair in this apple has a baby beginning.  Wal-Mart, for example, started as a distinct boutique in a baby town. Who would accept estimated those years after they will become one of the better businesses in the world? Account the adventure of how article with a apprehensive alpha grows big and changes the apple is absolutely inspiring.

You ability be accomplishing article that looks baby today. Perhaps you accept never dreamed that it will become big someday. But account the biographies of these bodies will accessible your perception about what is possible. It will affect you to dream big.

It teaches you about the abundant attempt to alive by

Behind amazing bodies are amazing principles. They alive by them and that’s why they become extraordinary. The attempt set them afar and accomplish them angle out in the crowd.

Reading their biographies can advise you about these amazing principles. Sometimes they are not absolutely stated, but by belief their lives you can ascertain the unstated attempt that drive them.

True, abiding success comes from the central out, not the added way around. That’s why these attempts are treasures. Accomplish award them your focus back account biographies and strive to administer them in your life. Then your life, too, will become extraordinary, starting from the inside.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Emotional Intelligent

Ways to Learn Emotionally Intelligent

The training able Dan Bobinski said in a commodity appears in Management Issues that affecting intelligence can be learned. Part of the analysis accept apparent that the greatest aberration amid boilerplate leaders and the best outstanding is college levels of affecting intelligence in seconds, to highlight the accent of acquirement to know, appraise and ascendancy affections so as to booty the best decisions in accordance with the objectives you have. Bobinski appear ten keys to apprentice to be emotionally able and advance able performance. By Catherine Franco R Scientific Trends.

Emotional intelligence is a abstraction that abounding chronicle to psychology, training or alike self-help books and, therefore, may be alone or artlessly apparent as alien by a ample cardinal of workers and leaders who are not acquainted of how abundant that could aftereffect from acquirement how to administer foundation in accustomed life.

Emotional intelligence refers to the adeptness to know, perceive, assess, adviser and administer any animosity and affections of one cocky and others in adjustment to accomplish adapted decisions and acknowledge appropriately at all times of life, not alone in the business component, but additionally in personnel.

The columnist and training able Dan Bobinski mentioned in an commodity appear in Issues Management two arguments to apprentice to be emotionally able if you demand to be able is exceptional: first, he speaks of that has already been activated by altered analysis the actuality that the aloft aberration amid aberrant and boilerplate workers is that the aloft accept a college affecting IQ, second, the able referred to is article that absolutely can be learned.

The abstracts that are currently accepted from the aboriginal altercation Bobinski are actual significant: added than two thirds of the aberration amid professionals and the best outstanding boilerplate is affecting intelligence levels, and back it comes to leaders in aerial places the aberration added to four-fifths.

Basis for affecting intelligence

Bobinski explains that there are added circuitous and abstruse concepts that could be explored to absolutely accept and apprentice about affecting intelligence, but says that the afterward ten keys, alike if they accept accepted sense, are a acceptable base for implementing attitudes and behaviors that advice advance able achievement and, in abounding cases are not taken into annual by managers at all levels:

  • Back cerebration about personality styles should be alone the account of "good" or "bad." Bodies are aloof different.
  • Bodies about particular “different” with “difficult” in absoluteness alone altered are difficult because bodies accept not abstruse to assignment finer with the differences.
  • Aloof as a stick has two ends, bodies accept strengths and weaknesses. All accept strengths and weaknesses associated with all the weaknesses associated with a fortress. Anybody chooses which end of the stick will get his attention.
  • All personality styles will add to the backbone of a team, aloof a amount of absorption on strengths rather than weaknesses. Who focuses on the strengths get stronger and who makes the weaknesses becomes weaker.
  • Search the strengths in altered styles are not article that happens naturally, but charge be managed with a constant effort.
  • You cannot be able if it is accepted that anybody is on the spot.
  • You cannot accept it knows what addition being agency to win, you can get a accepted abstraction but to be absolutely effective, it is best to ask.
  • By putting claimed goals aloft those of others, of accessories and the mission and eyes of the alignment are created capacity that abate abundant the adeptness to aerate results.
  • The capability is about accomplishing appropriate and how finer so does quickly. Back alive with bodies’ capability is rarely efficient. The best after-effects are about acquired back you booty the time to do things accurately through assorted relationships.
  • One affair is to accept these credibility and absolutely addition to backpack them out; the longest aisle can be the 18 inches amid the arch and heart.

It takes conduct and effort

A change in attitude and circadian behavior is not article that happens from one day to addition or to be accomplished easily. To apparatus new account in the customs, abnormally those accepting to do with personality and how to accord with situations, you charge to accomplish a big accomplishment and permanent.

The key, in this case, is acquirement to accept that every bearing can be beheld from abounding perspectives and that anniversary has strengths and weaknesses, and anniversary being has strengths and weaknesses, but all this can advice adds to anatomy stronger teams that complement.

Think before you act and apprentice to appreciative one cocky are capital foundations for authoritative acceptable decisions.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Learn Never Ends

Why learn never end

The eagerness of learning never end. Learning have no age limit or not need any specific situation. We can learn whole time in our life. From every times of our life we can learn. For learning we have a mind which are eager to learn. If we can learn from our life it will helps us whole life. And it is the better learning which have an practical sense. So there is no doubt to leaning have ends.

Where to start learn

Scientifically it is proven that a baby can hear about the seventh month of pregnancy. As stimulation before birth has shown an increase in intelligence. For example, playing classical music, talk to your baby; use a flashlight to make shadows of letters or numbers in the abdomen. 

From practical experience a six month old baby can understand what people say and have a good knowledge of vocabulary before twelve months. When parents they talk frequently with your baby, are stimulating a more rapid and healthy. In addition, a baby is able to identify the voices of those who care for and to recognize anger, fear or love in his/her voice. As well as being able to understand several languages, to learn just by listening and bilingual talks at an early age.

We can increase the intelligence of the baby if you provide objects varied in shape, color, texture, size and sound in addition to reading books that stimulate the imagination and abstract thought. Due to his young age, the baby will learn more by repetition. So it is important to present the same material in different parts of the house, especially in places as more time passes, such as bedroom, kitchen, parlor materials. But if you use TV as a babysitter, you run the risk of decreasing the child's natural imagination, to influence it with negative messages and do lazy.
So human's learning start from mothers abdomen. After baby's born their parents and surrounding  environment are essential and effective for leaning.

Learn Step by step

Step by step we learn each and every thing.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The Power of Humanity

We are human being and the best creature of the Almighty. The creator give us the power, ability & intelligence to rolled the earth. From the beginning to now we are leading on other creations. We are different from others for our sense of realization, intelligence. we can realize others , realize by heart. For this reason human have some good virtue as well as some bad.

Human nature are comes front by the way of  their learning. When we learn the proper way and goodish things then humanity is most in our inner sight. Or the humanity dies more times in one life.

We have to learn more things in one life. Life time is limit but learning in this life have no limit. From the beginning to ends we are learning. Learning from situation, surrounding environment, society, family and from the institute. We implementing our learning knowledge in our practical life in our own way. For this we have an particular entity in the whole world. The ability of capturing is not same to all of us. We are all different from each other. 

All the religious views are indicated humanity for all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Triple "L" means Look, lesson & learn. In this blog i want to provide some important information to people about how to learn, how to observe and how to lesson in a particular situation. Because sometimes not properly realize any situation the outcome going to wrong way. I am creating this blog to share my views & opinions to viewers about Triple "L". If i am wrong in any issues, please correct me by evidence on your logic or ethics. If anyone want to share Your views here please say without any hesitation (in comments post). Thanks all.